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Initial exam 1.500 Kč
Consultation 800 Kč
Implantology consulation with CT exam 1.500 Kč
CT exam from 1.100 Kč
OPG X-ray mostly covered by the insurance
Dental cleaning - first time 1.980 Kč
Dental cleaning - repeated from 1480 Kč
Teeth whitening - at home 7.500 Kč
Teeth whitening - combined 9.500 Kč
Composite dental filling from 1.980 Kč
Filling on the temporary tooth from 880 Kč
Acute endodontic treatment from 1.480 Kč
Endodontic treatment (including preparation of the tooth and final composite completion) from 5.900 Kč
Repeated endodontic treatment from 7.900 Kč
Composite half-crown 9.900
Ceramic half-crown / crown from 11.900 Kč
Total tooth replacement from 8.500 Kč
Mouth guards (sport ,bruxism) 2.480 Kč

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