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Initial exam, treatment plan

During your first visit, we will talk to you and find out what your goals and wishes are. We will examine your teeth using the microscope, and take x‑rays and photographs. Together, we will determine your individual treatment plan and schedule your next visits.

Dental cleaning

The basic rule of healthy teeth is good oral care. Our dental hygienists will teach you how to clean your teeth. They will polish them, and remove tartar and pigments. In addition, they can perform the whitening of your teeth. The work of the dental hygienist is essential to the doctor who is treating the periodontal disease.

Restorative dentistry

Treating dental cavities by using the magnified view helps us to be very precise and less invasive. We will use the attractive composite dental fillings, which restore the natural look and color of your teeth. It will allow us to bring back the function of your teeth.

(root canal treatment)

The old myth of having to lose a tooth when you get an abscess is wrong. We use the microscope to perform the most precise treatment, without pain. Endodontics (treatment of the roots of the tooth) will be necessary in case of a dead tooth.

Dental prosthetics, aesthetic veneers

When the tooth is broken or has a defect to the point, where dental filling is not possible, we will apply a half-crown or full crown. We use high-quality aesthetic ceramics. If defective, we can provide a complete reconstruction of your teeth. We can also improve your smile with the use of the ceramic veneers.


Periodontitis is a disease, which may not be detected for many years. It is usually in the advanced stage when the teeth become loose. With the right treatment, we can stop the progression of the disease and stabilize your teeth. You do not have to lose them.

Pediatric dentistry

We provide dental care to the patients of all ages, including the youngest ones. The treatment of the child is done empathically, with a sensitive approach. We strive to make the young patient’s visit a positive experience. Please make an appointment for the preventive exam when the child’s first teeth start coming out.

Whitening of the teeth

The methods used with teeth whitening are non-invasive (no harm to the teeth). The results are making our clients very happy. Who does not want a bright, white smile? Please schedule your next visit to consult the right teeth whitening options.


Our goal is to restore your own teeth. If you had a procedure in the past and your tooth was extracted, it can be easily replaced with a dental implant. It is an artificial tooth, but it is a perfect match to the one missing. The implant will also bring back the natural function of the tooth.

Dental surgery

Extraction of the wisdom teeth can be done carefully and without pain. Or doctors will make you feel very comfortable even after the surgery.

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