About Us

Our beginning

Our beginning

Jiri and Eva Otrusina, M.D.D. first met with Adam Vilasek, M.D.D. few years ago. They were attending a stomatology conference a regularly met at other workshops and conferences.

They all share a passion for the kitesurfing. When going to a kitesurfing vacation to Greece, they crossed their paths again. The idea of starting a private dental clinic together was born there.

They share the same desire for doing things their own way, offering their patients a most precise treatment possible, without any compromises.

Our goal

We will help you to loose your fear of the dentist.

Our goal

Each of the doctors is a specialist in his/​her different dentistry field. Together at our clinic, we will be able to offer you the best and complex oral care, including the procedures requiring the work of a specialist. Our goal is a satisfied customer, who understands the importance of the dental care and will be coming back for regular preventive checkups and cleaning. Instead of treating the patients for a long time, we would like to complete the treatments with the stable and long-lasting results.

Please visit our clinic and discover that your treatment can be an enjoyable experience.

Our team

Always with a smile. Each of us is a specialist in the different fields of dental care, but we share one thing — our love for the work and desire to do the best. Our team works together and we can take care of all your dental needs under one roof.

What do you, our clients, say about us?

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